Defying a non-linear world

Common sense says that our planet and the phenomenons that occur within it are linear. That means they follow a specific progression, something like a timeline. A becomes B, B becomes C and so forth. But, for better or for worse, the reality is way more complicated and interesting. We live in a non-linear world dominated by multiple systems; the processes that appear to be linear involve much more participants. Going back to the example, what makes A become B? there should be another factor in the equation. We are surrounded by a network of interconnected systems – one affects the other that affects the other – this is what makes our world turn. It is our job to manage them in order to make them last, in order to make them resilient, not only efficient.


Une réflexion sur “Defying a non-linear world

  1. cmh8vd dit :

    True, the resiliency of systems correspond to our understanding to them, but I do believe we are somewhat over attacking the linear idea in class. The way we learn science is to start with simplifications of the actual system.

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