Solar Charts – South Lawn

Good Morning Sunshine!

Voila, our first SSB Assignment.

What times of year and times of day make up the primary solar window?

The primary solar window of this particular site would be from 7AM to 4:30PM at the Summer Solstice and from 8:30 t0 2:30 on the winter solstice due to the different obstacles found in this site, such as Nau Hall.

How might you respond to this as an architect with respect to the setting and orientation of your meeting place?

It would mostly depend on the intention and purpose of the building. Normally in northern countries I would definitely not place many windows towards the south, otherwise I would create rather hot spaces. A system of louvers would solve this problem, but there are more efficient ways to go about this issues. An alternative to this would be the creation of a structure that would enable a chimney effect to occur.

Path of the Sun

In November 2010, for my 201 Studio project, I actually managed to follow the path of the sun and compress it into a series of images joined together. I Believe this tell us a lot about how  a Sun Chart works. Here’s the result:

Obrigado e ate breve!


3 réflexions sur “Solar Charts – South Lawn

  1. jcf2cmsystems dit :

    I like the solution you came up with about using louvers in your first example. I also like the second sun diagram you made where you took pictures from different times of the day and traced the sun through the sky in the winter months.

  2. phr9n dit :

    I appreciate that you are looking at and responding to the vernacular solutions to solar orientation and climate, in particular, the concept of a wind tower. As we have discussed in class, we have moved toward completely sealing off buildings to the climate rather than designing buildings for specific climates. The louvers are also an interesting solution, presenting a more technological solution to be paired with the vernacular one.

  3. mm3fc dit :

    Your joiner image of the downtown mall is amazing! i do not normally think of the sun travelling in that manner, which is why actually seeing it arch as it gows on through out the day makes it easier to viasualize the sun pattern such area.

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