A Matter of Scale: Energy Flows

Our third Assignment is out.

This time we were asked to trace the energy flow that directly affect us. I traced the beginning of a common day during my summer in the city of Manaus Brazil. The following diagram shows how the larger infrastructure shape my routine.



Diagram of Energy Generation

This Other diagram shows a closer look into the energy generation phase.

The next diagram is nothing more than a closer look into one of the ends of the diagram, which is my own routine on a four hour span (from 7AM to 10AM on a regular weekday in June)

Diagram 2: Victor's Routine

Finally, a question was asked: What would be 3 ways that you could have the largest impact in changing the global impact of your web?

1-Scale of the individual:

I think small decisions such as what kind of food I eat could have a big impact on my  body; whether or not I eat junk or fatty food; and how this could be balanced through physical exercising. Also, in a hot and humid place such as Manaus,  the clothes we wear also play a large role on our body. Rule of thumb: the lighter the better!

2-Scale of the inhabitable:

Decisions such as whether or not to turn on the air conditioner all the time. Keep in mind that Manaus is highly dependent on air conditioning; so design could play an important role in creating buildings that are more energy-efficient in order not to spend so much energy with these machines.

3-Scale of the insfrastructure Network:g

I believe the best thing I can think of is to try not to use the car all the time. That would generate a larger scale impact, which is the reduction of greenhouse effect gas emission. Biking instead is a smarter idea.


Une réflexion sur “A Matter of Scale: Energy Flows

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