Images of an interconnected world. am a subscriber of a design blog called « inhabitat » (link on top of this article) and this week they featured this series of very compelling sattelite images depicting the various network systems on our planet. It gives us an idea of how our world is organized; where the most influential, populated, industrial areas are and so forth.



Une réflexion sur “Images of an interconnected world.

  1. I think it’s also interesting to see where the largest network systems are. There is an obvious interaction between North American and Europe. Another thing I noticed is that some of the lines go along the edges of continents/countries (Arica and Austrailia). This shows the importance of the ocean that allows this travel along the edges. All of these places are connected, as our energy diagrams showed us, through various systems. These systems can be both natural (ecological with with water, etc.) and as this image shows us, man-made systems.

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