Assignment 4 Outline

This is the first part of Assignment 4.

For this next assignment; I decided to analyse a building that I am currently designing and how it responds to the environment it’s built in.

As part of an independent research project, I am developing a kind of ideal residential unit, part of a larger affordable housing project in the city of Manaus, Brazil. My main goals with this project are to create an affordable and energy efficient housing unit for the ribeirinho population in the city.

Typical Housing typology in Amazonian cities.

Conceptual Sketch of the Unit

Elevation Sketch

Below there are some rendered perspectives of the residential unit I am designing. It is basically a very narrow house built on stilts. This design is based on the vernacular building  typology of Amazonian houses.


Early Conceptual Rendering - Design by Victor Hugo Azevedo


Early Rendering by Victor Hugo Azevedo


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  1. […] which is a housing unit for the Brazilian Amazon region. To see this project in detail click here: Night time rendering – Victor Hugo […]

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