Psychrometric Charts: A Guide For Beginners

Dear friends and family,

Today I want to talk about something really useful for all architects; a graphic system called the Psychrometric Charts. Let us first take a closer look on the term Psychrometric.  When I first came across it, in the beginning of this semester I just assumed it had something to do with psychology, or the state of mind. I was completely wrong, [even the though the prefix psychro does look like psycho…]The word is formed by the adaptations of the words psychro  and metric, that means « cold » and « measurement ».

The most important information a psychrometric is something called the thermal comfort zone of a building. But let’s see how it works:

Psychrometric Chart at sea level


In the image above we can see that a pasychrometric chart shows the relationship between humidity (in the vertical axis) and Dry Bulb Temperature (Horizontal Axis). A certain combination of these two variables will create a thermal comfort zone for a specific kind of weather.


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